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When Choosing a Camping Location - Follow these basic Rules:

Whether Camping in Canada, Idaho, Missouri, North Georgia, New York, and of course Pennsylvania and the options are endless. While your options may narrow considerably if you are looking to either hike, fish, or boat, it would still take a lifetime to experience it all. Without even heading international!

However, just because there are many spots for camping, you don’t just pack your camping accessories to run off to the first camping spot you come across. Lots of thought goes into choosing a camping location.

When you are choosing a camping location, it is necessary to first consider the accessibility to the camping spot. Especially if you will be arriving by RV. Consider how you intend to get to the camping spot; by driving or by foot. If you are on your first camping trip, and you intend to go by foot, choose a spot that is half a mile walking distance. The view can also be taken into consideration as there is no use going camping in a spot where there is no view when there are many beautiful camping spots around you!

Remember to check if there is access to clean water for you to use during your camping trip. If there is no water, you will have to pack all the water for your needs and to put out the campfire that you make. Of course, when you make a campfire, you need firewood. So choose a camping location where there is access to firewood as you don’t actually intend to carry all the wood to the camping spot! It is always better to choose a camping spot that has dead wood as live trees don’t burn well.

Most important, avoid the ‘uncharted areas’ when choosing a camping location. This is because camping spots which are not established may make your tent roll down a hillside or you may end up having to sleep on rocks during the night, or sharing your food with a Bear! If you are adventurous and want to try out an ‘uncharted area’, make sure the terrain is level enough for you to camp.

The best places to look to choose a camping location would be in the local state parks, national forests, conferring with friends who have gone camping, and of course through the internet.

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