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Pet Friendly Camping Spots - Dont leave Rover at home

When going camping, it does not always seem feasible to leave the family pet at home and to run off camping. This will only leave a nagging thought in the mind of the camper, wondering about the safety of the pet. This is the reason there are many pet friendly camping spots available today, where you can camp along with your pets.

When going to a pet friendly camping spot, it is usually required that the pet be brought either caged, in a vehicle or on a leash, as a safety precaution. The pet is not supposed to walk on trails, other than the trails designated for them. The pet has to be under the control of the owner, and should not be a cause of disturbance to other campers. And most important of all, when going camping with pets, the pet should never be left unattended. It should be tied up or placed in a vehicle in situations it has to be left unattended. Not a overly HOT vehicle though - make sure there is always a source of good air.

In regards for a dwelling place for your animal, inquire from pet owner friends, and listen to their suggested tent camping equipment. As well, when comprising your camping or packing list, keep your pet in mind when putting together your snacks and food for camping (unless of course you want to share your burger with your dog).

Though these rules may seem stringent on the part of the pet friendly camping spot, let it be known that in some camping spots, pets are not even allowed on the campgrounds! When the pet is being taken along on the camping trip, it will be necessary to include pet food, necessary medicines and soaps in the camping list. Along with this, be ready to pay the extra fees for taking a pet to the camping ground. Most of the pet friendly camping spots charge a nominal fee of $2 per night for one or two pets. This charge is mainly to cover with the additional cleaning involved with the pet staying over.

If you need information on the availability of pet friendly camping spots, all this information is easily accessible through the internet. All that has to be done is to use the search engine to produce lists for you to choose the spot most convenient for you, your family and your pet.

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