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RV Gas Mileage - Simple Tools to Not EAT It on GAS!

When going on a camping trip, the best vehicle to take on the trip would be a RV. An RV is the acronym for Recreation Vehicle and is actually a towable or motorized vehicle that is used for both transportation and as a temporary living quarters. They are usually sold by recreational vehicle dealers. There are also many RV lease vehicles for one time use of the RV found in local RV dealers. It is also possible to an rent RV online if you require one.

With the rising cost of gasoline, it is always better to check on the RV gas mileage when choosing the right RV for your camping trip. Sometimes people work out being able to afford an activity, but issues like the cost of gasoline, a VERY REAL expense, are forgotten! Filling up your car every couple hundred miled for $50-75 will definitely put a damper on your expedition, if not planned for in advance. With an RV, you MUST figure out how far you can expect to get for your dollar. Of course, you cannot expect too good a mileage as RV gas mileage is rather low when compared to other vehicles. This is because of it being a huge and heavy vehicle. However, there are some tricks you could do to increase the RV gas mileage.

You could check the tire pressure of the tires of the RV using a RV pressure regulator as tires with too low tire pressure give a low mileage. Limiting the use of the air conditioner in the RV will also help increasing the RV gas mileage. If your RV has extra RV trailer accessories, it is very likely that the RV gas mileage will be low because of the extra weight. When traveling, avoid accelerating and braking unnecessarily and this will increase the RV gas mileage. Of course, the better the route is, the better your mileage will be, So when plotting out your camping trip, route it using the most efficient routes possible.

You can raise the mileage considerably by making a visit to the garage before going on a camping trip. Here the mechanic can have a look at the spark plugs and adjust and replace the spark plugs as necessary. Any fouled fuel injectors in the RV, when replaced will increase the the miles for your money. With the implementation of all these steps, you will find that the RV gas mileage will increase considerably, to provide you with a better mileage on your camping trip.

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